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Friday, July 30, 2004

This just blew me away. Who'd'a thunk the World Wide Web would enable this kind of World Wide Power?

I got an email from a lady in Australia this week. She's an RN and a CPC counselor; their group does counseling on Pregnancy questions, Abortion Information, Post-Abortion, Relationships, Pregnancy Loss, Violence & Sexual Abuse, as well as Grief Counseling. Several of their 15 counselors are also Marriage/Family Therapy psychotherapists.

She'd been contacted by a young girl in Connecticut who'd found their website when looking for help to not have an abortion. She's in her first trimester, doesn't want to have the abortion, the parents have told her she has to get out of their house if she plans to have the child, and the father is in jail and has two kids with other women, so he will be no help.

The Australian lady contacted one of the prominent Rachel's Vineyard directors here in the U.S., to ask who in Connecticut could help direct this girl to the right place. The RV director mentioned she'd contact me, but it appears my email software lost the message or something (it's entirely possible, lately). The Australian RN emailed me, following up, asking if I had any suggestions she could email the girl.

So now we have the young girl in contact with one of the local CPCs right within a bus-ride of her, to get all the help, maternity clothes, free prenatal/maternal care she needs, and if they can't find a safe haven home for her, she just might come stay in my guest room until she can get her bearings. Even if that's a year or two.

I'd give the Australian CPC's website, but it somehow might compromise the identity of the young girl. Other facts I've given have been changed to protect her privacy.

If you'd like to find a pregnancy center outside of the United States or Canada, please call OptionLine confidentially and toll-free at 1-800-395-HELP, or send them an e-mail at If you'd rather they not reply to your email address, you can just call the 800 number.

All I did was make two phone calls and send two emails. God did the rest, IMHO.

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