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Monday, July 12, 2004

UPDATE: The concall for tonight has been postponed and as soon as I know the new date, time and number, I'll post it on the blog. Thanks to all those who wrote me, and I'll email you all as well. Thanks also for your patience. It could be that Allan Parker or someone else you were to "meet" tonight is stuck in an airport or something inopportune like that. Stay tuned!

Sorry for the late notice, but the invitation's still good for a nationwide concall tonight for anyone who is supportive of and would like to know more about and/or join "Operation Outcry: Silent No More." You need not be post-abortive to be a member/supporter, and there's no cost (other than this toll call) and no pressure to donate money. Email me today and tell me a little about yourself, your beliefs on this issue and why you'd like to be on this concall (even just to listen and not talk, no one expects you to say anything!). (I would post the access code here, but we know there are unfortunately a few of our readers who are not/would not be respectful if they were to sign on to such a concall.)

If you feel the answer is "yes" to any/all of the following, this is for you...

~ "I want to do something more than hope things change regarding legal abortion."

~ "I have a great compassion for women struggling with abortion grief."

~ "I recognize that without Jesus Christ many women will continue to make choices that hurt themselves, their children and their future.

~ "I agree with this statement" ...'It is not in the human or legal interest of any mother to kill her own child. A mother’s true interest is in her child’s life and her relationship with her child. Roe v. Wade should be overturned.'"

It is with great pleasure we invite you to our “Meet & Greet” for Operation Outcry: Silent No More (OOSNM)
(via telephone conference call) TONIGHT, Monday, July 12, at 8:00 p.m. CST.

Join us by calling: 1-641-497-7100 - (Email me for the Access Code)(this is a toll call)

You will have the opportunity to meet The Justice Foundation and OOSNM staff, learn about volunteer opportunities such as State and City Leadership, our new media endeavors: "Voices Of Abortion" radio show, and "Faces Of Abortion" TV Show, together with our national prayer initiative (more on these media shows to follow here on this blog, but the next one is a call-in, "webcast and live" radio program this Thurs. July 15 at 1 PM CST).

To see our newsletter, please visit -- includes up-to-date information on OOSNM along with the progress of the Roe V. Wade case.

Please be so kind as to confirm your joining us by calling Queta at 1-866-4-OUTCRY, Ext 203, or emailing me back, so we can send you an agenda. You can just listen to the concall if you don't want to ask questions, no need to say anything!

Allan Parker, President,
Joyce Zounis, Director of Women’s Outreach
The Justice Foundation and "Operation Outcry: Silent No More"

OOSNM Mission: Operation Outcry seeks to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade by mobilizing those who have been silent about the harmful effects of abortion. This can be accomplished only through prayer and with the testimonies of women who have suffered harm from abortion.

God bless,


PS: Just to clarify something Em posted earlier, to which I commented: OOSNM's goals are just a superset of the other group's (SNMAC). Both groups share the first goal: to get the truth out that abortion hurts women, and if you are hurting, there is help. In addition to reaching out to help women suffering from their abortion experience, OOSNM embodies the additional goal--totally optional to all women--which is something that some women find healing as they seek to make some good come out of their mistake, their deepest regret. This second objective benefits women who truly feel ready to help others avoid the same trauma by allowing them to participate - even anonymously - in legal efforts to prevent such harm from being inflicted upon more women. You'll find all that how-to information on the OOSNM website referenced above. Feel free to ask me any q's you might have.

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