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Friday, August 20, 2004

The August 22-28 edition of the National Catholic Register has a front-page article, "T-Shirt Trouble at N.Y. Times", about the "I Had An Abortion" t-shirts and selective-reducer Amy Richards. (The article is not online.)

Writer Tim Drake quotes Anne Marie Cosgrove, one of our treasured readers, and others:

"I do believe that there are women who do not, at present, regret their abortion," said Anne Marie Cosgrove. Cosgrove had an abortion at the age of 25 and now serves as director of Silent No More Minnesota, a post-abortive outreach. "When those women realize the truth, that they have taken the life of their own child, they will reach a wall of pain. I've met women who for 30 years say they haven't regretted it, and then they reach that wall."

Rachel's Vineyard Ministry founder Theresa Burke believes that the Planned Parenthood t-shirts are a direct response to the Silent No More Awareness t-shirts that read: "I regret my abortion." The opposite message would be, "I Regret Having My Child," she said. "Not too many women would proudly wear that."

Rachel's Vineyard conducts more than 350 retreats a year for post-abortive women and men in the United States and fourteen other countries.

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