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Thursday, September 23, 2004

A blog written by a 'counselor' in an abortion clinic continues to implicate the truly substandard guidance offered within their walls:

Two women, two different outcomes in the same hour. Both were returning for check-ups two weeks after their abortions.The first woman was tearful, distraught, had not slept well or eaten in several days. The decision for her was difficult but she decided that since her b/f did not want a child and probably would not stick around for a pregnancy that she should have the abortion. Today she retold the story that "she had it for him..." and you guessed it, he booked. It makes you want to put up a marquee: PLEASE DON'T HAVE AN ABORTION FOR ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. But, by the time the relational crisis happens, it really feels like you lost the pregnancy and the guy and what for?

Good question.

Some other questions are: Why don't you go ahead and put that sign up? And why don't you provide that minimal level of guidance when you meet with someone prior to an abortion?

Evidently, this 'counselor' thinks that this distraught woman originally misrepesented her motive for the abortion, when she said that "her b/f did not want a child and probably would not stick around" because this 'counselor' writes that the distraught client "retold the story" after the fact, now saying that "she had it for him".

It's beyond amazing that this 'counselor' was so incompetent in the 'counseling' office prior to the abortion that she was unable to figure that one out from what the client originally said. It's also amazes me that the 'counselor' writes with a sense of betrayal...she feels betrayed by the client! Because the client, a vulnerable pregnant woman with an unsupportive boyfriend didn't manage to (in the eyes of the 'counselor') fully, rationally and articulately express her tangle of emotions prior to the abortion. Hey, you know?? Isn't that what the counselor is supposed to be there for?

This is a spectacular level of professional incompetence.

From this very low point she has to find ways to choose herself, first in little ways, like eating something, eventually in larger ways, like knowing what to do with your life and not letting someone else tell you what to do.

Here's a thought, Ms. 'Counselor', to help you handle your evident frustration. Try blaming the victim. Why not even go on the internet so that you can both blame the victim and violate her further by disclosing intimate details of her situation? That way, you can feel all better, while your childless, boyfriendless client slinks home and submerges her anguish by developing a life-threatening eating disorder.

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