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Thursday, September 2, 2004

LIVE FROM NEW YORK! IT'S THE RNC! An update from my friends Rich and Mary Ann Kendall, and also Rob Schenck, who I’ve mentioned before, about their experiences in NYC outside the RNC:

“We went to New York City last Friday night with two of our good pro-life friends from Connecticut and it was a powerful experience praying for our nation and the Republican National Convention...We returned to New York on Sunday and prayed at Ground Zero with several different pastors.”

Rob Schenck, reporting:

“I'm writing to you again from my handheld very late at night following a long day here in New York.

“In the evening, Democrat Senator Zell Miller [formerly pro-choice here explaining why he became pro-life] addressed the convention, along with Michael Reagan, an outspoken Christian and proud son to Ronald Reagan.

“Finally, we heard from the Vice President himself. I'll leave the political commentary to others, but I will tell you that the morale and spirit here are very good...There are many more visible Christian groups here and a number of prayer services taking place throughout the city. This is definitely having an impact.

"Tomorrow, before going over to the convention hall to hear the President, I will sit in on a film about the faith of George Bush. Following that, I'll hand deliver tens of thousands of prayer cards for the President that we recruited over the Internet."

LATER TODAY, Thursday late afternoon, September 2nd, if any Catholics are interested: 4 PM Mass, Fr. Frank Pavone, Celebrant, at the Church of the Holy Innocents, 128 West 37th Street Between Broadway & 8th Ave.

I'd imagine Senator Zell Miller's book, A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat would be one heckuva read. One whole chapter on the abortion "metanoia."

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