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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More Like Andy Rooney Every Day

No, not Dan Rather (though if the shoe fits)...

Ellen Goodman in her column today
mentions the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto’s “Roe Effect” and two other newsmen’s articles on the subject in New York Newsday, and lo and behold, the liberal Washington Post.

The Newsday writer was quite plain: “…the left has birth-controlled [and] aborted…itself into a smaller role in American society.”

But the reason I couldn’t resist this post today is this understatement of the year from Goodman: “I confess to a certain weakness for statistics.”

And how.

Is that “weakness,” as in “invalidity?”

This is not meant to take anything away from, the Powerline attorneys and many, many others, but they’re not the first denizens (many discerning readers included) of the blogosphere to force a recantation from a nationally-renowned journalist who put forth false information when he/she didn’t check her facts first.

I also find it fascinating that my local paper changed her column heading from “Is the right outbreeding the left?” to “Women should get out and vote, not worry about some silly study.” Those weren’t Ellen’s words at all, but those of some (likely) male editor at my local paper. Perhaps, knowing how I’d write a letter to the editor about Goodman’s crass choice of words, they nixed it. Well, good for them, for a change.

Outbreeding, indeed. Do we need any more proof how far some people will go to dehumanize humans in their quest to save abortion on demand?

Goodman adds insult to injury: “Imagine giving an evolutionary advantage to folks who don't believe in evolution.”

She’s so good at hyperbole, but the shame is that those who consume her words really believe her. I wonder how many religious people she personally knows and respects as friends. Probably none. If she honestly talked with some, she might learn that there are many that do believe in evolution but don’t believe in evolutionism.

Evolutionism (or Darwinism) is "the belief that everything that exists can be explained in exclusively materialistic terms, apart from a Creator….that everything that exists developed from ‘blind chance.’" [from the book, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? by Matthew Pinto]

“Evolution, on the other hand, is a scientific theory (and one doubted by many scientists, including Nobel Prize winners) which says that more complex life forms developed from less complex forms, over extreme periods of time.” But for those who believe in God, why couldn’t a Creator use evolution to form this incredible universe, including us? It really is possible to teach both evolution theory and intelligent design theory without conflict, when the overwrought emotions and politics (on both sides) are stripped away.

Getting back to Goodman, the attempts at disparagement and condemnation really took the cake when she penned these snide words, “And what to make of the fact that Bush won in most states with the highest percentage of teenage mothers?

Those states support moms in crisis pregnancies, be they teens or 30-somethings. Ms. Goodman, what are you doing to help them, really, may I respectfully ask? Whine at them for having their children? I’d take a stateful of teen moms any day, over what we have now. Your brand of belittling, Ms. Goodman, is one of the reasons why women and young girls are afraid to stand up and say they don’t want abortions. Your application of "peer pressure" is offensive.

And speaking of “peers,” it’s time to update your photo at the Globe and around the nation. Be proud of your middle age [scroll down], not embarrassed or trying to have us believe you’re twenty years younger. Yes, I know, keeping dated headshots is standard, media-personality survival stuff, but it does raise a wonder why a woman so proud to be a woman still would do this.

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