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Monday, September 6, 2004

Rapists lose facet of power.

Rep. Sam Ellis was listening to the "Dr. Laura" show when he first heard the awful tale:A young female caller was telling Dr. Laura that she'd been raped by a man and had gotten pregnant as a result.

She had decided not to abort but to put the baby up for adoption.

That's when the rapist took control of her life again.

To complete the adoption, she needed the birth father to terminate his parental rights. The rapist, in custody awaiting trial, told her that he'd sign the papers -- if she agreed not to testify against him in the rape. As a result, the rapist would certainly be released.

What do I do? the young woman asked. Protect society or protect the adoption?

Dr. Laura advised that the young woman do what was right for the child. She wished her luck and moved on to the next call.

But Ellis, a Republican who represents Raleigh and Cary, was appalled; he couldn't let it go.

The article goes on to describe Ellis's successful effort to pass legislation in North Carolina that automatically terminates the parental rights of a convicted rapist to a child that results from the rape.

It is revealing--is it not?--that this legislation to protect pregnant rape victims and their children was initiated and shepherded by a conservative Republican rather than by the pro-choice feminist political establishment.

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