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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Indiana's Star Press this morning: Deanna Williams didn't have to say a word. Her sign reading "Abortion Hurts Women" said it all for her.

Williams knows of that hurt.

When she was 16, Williams had an abortion. It's a choice that has caused her mental, emotional and physical pain. A choice she's regretted ever since.

Twenty-four years later, Williams is just now able to talk about her choice.

"I remember every detail," Williams said. "It was definitely life changing. The guilt from that, the pain from that, it doesn't ever go away. It's always there."

Williams was among the demonstrators at Life Chain on McGalliard Road between Oakwood and Granville avenues on Sunday.

Listening to comments from others about how her life would be over if she had the baby and with little family support, Williams thought abortion was her only option.

"I feel like I made a mistake," the mother of four children said. "I have that constant reminder. It was a lot of pain and suffering. Twenty years of it. I feel like I gave up a part of me. I feel like I gave up a chance to make a difference. Who knows what that child could've accomplished. So I think abortion is wrong. I believe that my children are gifts and I treat them as such."

Many times women are assume that abortion is easier, but it's not, Williams said. She believes an abortion affects a woman in ways she may not realize.

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