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Friday, October 29, 2004

Shredding The Myths about Abortion’s “Benefits” to Women

The first 9 myths shredded were Q&A’s taken literally from Planned Parenthood’s webpage, “Choosing Abortion - Questions And Answers.” We posted extensive research and case history evidence showing that their answers are just plain wrong.


We continue here discussing the truths about abortion’s devastating effects on the moms, including specific medical research studies, personal stories and legal cases, including updates on the two legal motions to overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

For the final 6 myths, we’re covering those that are the general throwout phrases made by abortion rights supporters everywhere, not just Planned Parenthood.

Myth #11 (of 15):
11. “Women don’t die from legal abortions, only from illegal ones.”
Diana Lopez died on February 28, 2002. The Los Angeles County Coroner determined that Diana died from a massive hemorrhage caused by "traumatic perforation of the cervix" subsequent to an abortion at Planned Parenthood.

On Sept. 16, 1997, Gracealynn T. Harris, 19, bled to death after having an abortion at the Delaware Women's Health Organization clinic near Stanton.

The book, Lime 5, compiled by Mark Crutcher, details 24 maternal deaths as late as 1995, and over 700 cases of harm done to women by legal abortions in 22 years. 738 footnotes (25 pages in small print) list death certificates, coroners’ reports, papers like Chicago Sun-Times, NYT, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, and court documents from the NY, Maryland, San Diego and various US District Appeals Courts. There are cases of maternal injury, disease-contraction, rape by abortionists during follow-up visits, abortions done on non-pregnant women and failed abortion (where the baby survives but is left to die since no laws required babies to be saved).

A website called “Cemetery of Choice” tells the stories (and gives the URL links) of 198 women who died from legal abortions from 1974 through 2004, plus 95 from illegal abortions (1915 through 1974). It probably isn’t a complete site, nor one of "definitive proof" that more women die from legal abortions than from illegal ones, but that kind of list or site probably will never exist.

Lime 5 reported:
“Although abortion surveillance began in 1969, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) did not issue a report on abortion injuries and deaths until 1974, and that report only covered 1972. The last year for which a ‘full’ report was released was five years ago, in 1990, and it did not include figures for deaths.” [Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: CDC Surveillance Summaries, 1990, Issued 1993, Vo. 42, No. SS-6.]
"Did not include figures for deaths?" Then what do they define as "mortality?"

This book also reported many problems with gathering accurate mortality data regarding abortions. In some cases, maternal deaths from abortions have only been added to the tally 14 years after the death occurred. For example, 11 abortion deaths between 1978 and 1985 were uncovered and added to the total number in 1992. Also, if a death certificate didn't state whether it was a legal, illegal or spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), the CDC only lumps it in the “unknown” category. If the states’ health departments code a maternal abortion death inaccurately, as happens frequently, it will not be listed as an abortion death. And once a death is “counted” in some category, virtually all the identifying information is removed, so if a later abortion death is “found,” it’s all but impossible to tell if it’s the same woman.

This is just a snippet of how the CDC “operates.” Chapter 4 of Lime 5 goes into the rest of the horrifying details, like what percentage of CDC employees had/have direct ties to the abortion industry.

Only in 1988 did the government begin to look for any records to study maternal mortality in the National Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance Program, which covered 1979 through 1986, but wasn’t published until 1992.

So 15 years after abortion became legal, we as a country started trying to keep records of who died from legal abortions.

Brilliant. Yet I'll bet we've had to keep better records in veterinary clinics.

And we’ll discuss the lack of records outside the U.S. tomorrow.

Finally, Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic worker, was paraphrased in a recent court opinion describing her experiences in her clinic:…"[they] transported women to hospitals secretly by car when complications arose (to avoid bad publicity); and that she saw one woman die and 19 others permanently maimed by abortion procedures..."

Myth #12 to be shredded tomorrow. I’m posting one a day every day from Oct. 19 through Election Day. Prior myths shredded can be found as follows:
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