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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Telegraph continues its coverage of the undercover reporter who was referred by the tax-funded British Pregnancy Advisory [ed.--where their motto is, "our advice is, get rid of it"] Services to an abortion clinic in Spain for an almost certainly illegal 26-week "social abortion" with Here's a question for you: whose life is it anyway? by Telegraph editor Dominic Lawson.

It's wonderful to see the editor of a leading English newspaper take on this campaign. His piece, from yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, must be read it its entirety. He concludes with:

I believe that in 80 years' time - and possibly sooner - the views of Dr Lee and Ms Furedi will seem as barbaric and bizarre as the advocacy of slavery and forcible sterilisation seems to us today. If this newspaper has played a part in that process, and brings forward by one day the end of this slaughter of the innocents, then we will have done something good.
Dr. Lee, as quoted in this piece, believes it should be legal for a woman to have healthy newborns killed as long as they are still attached to the umbilical cord. Dr. Lee, along with Ann Furedi, is on a board that provides advice about the psychological impact of abortion to the American Psychological Association.

Unbelievable and outrageous.

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