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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

[Been trying to post this via since 9 AM. The posting page just never loads. Their servers must be choked with bloggers posting and readers reading!]

Among the best news that we could get early this morning (no, not the now-official Presidential re-election although that surely is tops on the list):

Bye Bye Daschle:
“Daschle first ran as a conservative anti-gun control, anti-spending, anti-tax, anti-abortion, pro-balanced budge amendment Democrat, but in later years cast all this aside. It was a classic case of political cynicism, especially this year when Daschle tried to backtrack and re-don the mask of conservative Democrat. There are several examples to bolster this case, but perhaps the most stunning case was abortion, where Daschle went from calling abortion "murder" during his first campaigns to then giving speeches to NARAL and Emily's List to then saying during this campaign that abortions shouldn't be allowed. The stunning parade of Daschle hypocrisies and double-talk added up. The chickens came home. And enough people thought it was time for a change.”
And this: “[Daschle] shouted to the California Democratic Party in February 2002:
‘We will not surrender sacred ground, and that includes a woman's constitutional right to choose.’"
Much more dirt on the “I-say-I’m-prolife-but-do-more-prochoice” hypocrisy of Daschle here.

Winner Thune, on the other hand, “said his position on abortion has been consistent throughout his career. ‘On the issue of life, my position is clear,’ he said. ‘I think it's the government's job to protect life, including that of the unborn.’"

Analysis by K-Lo at NRO:
“Daschle talks conservative in South Dakota but acts the opposite in Washington.”
And by Ave Maria List by way of NRO:
“’Having a 90% pro-abortion voting record just doesn't square with a state that is 75% pro-life…’”
Up next: Chris Dodd of Connecticut, maybe?

Also this: "three [added "Respect-Life"] votes in the U.S. Senate and three to five votes in the House.".

“Oh, The Times They Are A-Changin’”

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