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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Good friend and fellow Silent No More (Minnesota) state leader Ann Marie Cosgrove, shared some incredible stories with us, giving us permission to talk about them here with you all. She had been a co-presenter at the "Tell Them I Love Them" conference, now in its second year, organized by Kim Jeffries, and witnessed these miracles of healing.
“As I looked out I could see a young woman being comforted by a older woman. I saw a few women by themselves but most had someone with them. As we started telling our stories, I would look out and could see tears streaming down the faces.

“During our break-out session, I saw the young woman cry and then the older woman would start crying. I thought they had both experienced abortions. However during our Q & A session, the older woman mentioned she worked at a crisis pregnancy center (CPC). After the session, at lunch, my friend Ann [not me, another Ann] sat with the two women. This is their story:

“The older woman works at a CPC and the younger woman had volunteered there with this woman but they knew each other beforehand. The younger woman is married to the older woman's nephew. The younger woman, upon driving to the conference thought, 'I wonder if I am going to see anyone I know.' When she walked in, she ran into her aunt. They looked at each other and the aunt asked what she was doing there. She told her she’d had an abortion and started to cry. The younger woman had just told her husband about the abortion and knew she needed to attend the conference. No one else had known about the abortion. So all day long, this beautiful aunt comforted and cried with her niece. The joy in knowing this young woman had someone so special with her all day long, brings tears to me eyes…it’s the Irish in me.

“Kim also had arranged to have a memorial service at the end of the conference. I forget the Lutheran Pastor’s name but he did a wonderful job and at the end of the service, he told this story. He had wanted to be at the conference for a good part of it, but things just got in the way. He said the phone rang off the hook and other distractions happened. Right before he was ready to walk out the door, the chaplain from the hospital called and said a member of his church needed him. He had known this woman for 25 years. She had been very ill for the last 12 years, and the disease had eaten away at her body. He went to her bedside and prayed with her. Right before he left, he mentioned to her he was going to Kim's conference and explained that it was for women who have had abortions to find forgiveness and healing. She looked up at him and said, ‘That's where I needed to be today.’”

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