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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Just yesterday, before my PC imploded, I'd received this email from a reader asking how he could be of help, and he's given me permission to post our email conversation:

"I am disabled and pro-life. My daughter and I have a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome. I am very concerned about the use of embryonic stem cell research in regard to my condition.

"I am also very concerned with the lack of a prominent, disabled, pro-life spokesperson against embryonic stem cell research. My wife suggested that I should take on that role, so I am contacting as many pro-life politicians, groups, etc., as I can to get my name out there.

"I have read that the doctors are advising people with Marfan to have in vitro fertilization to find a 'healthy' baby, then donate the 'defective' babies to stem cell research. These researchers claim they are close to a cure, and that terrifies me.

"I want to do everything I can to make sure there is ethical medical research--the same goes for vaccines.

"I welcome any advice you have to offer.

Pax et bonum, John H., VA"
Here's my reply:
"Dear John (and Mary and family too!),

"Thank you so much for writing. Your story is a touching testament to reality and exposes the hype of Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) as well. I'd like to answer it here, but also post your request and story on the blog as well as my answer, to solicit more help for you from our thousands of readers. Is that all right with you?

"My first reaction is to contact these groups:
  1. National Right To Life. You can get names of NRLC and political elected officials who are against cloning and ESCR on this page. I'd suggest writing them and asking your question as well as offering support or your spokesmanship.
  2. Susan B. Anthony List. They offer "training for activists in the fundamentals of running successful grassroots and lobbying campaigns."
  3. This site and its related site. I might recommnend becoming a CBHD member --see this page-- as a "volunteer...of ...speaking services to the public."
  4. "I'd also get the names of all the magazine / article writers on all these sites and write them, offering your story, especially including that David Prentice, Ph.D. who wrote that white paper at the very end of that webpage.
"I hope to remain in touch and also hear from you how it's progressing. You truly sound like you have been called. God bless and let's stay in touch.

"Blessings on you and yours, Annie"
If anyone has any additional suggestions, please put them to John's attention via our comments section here. Thanks much.

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