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Monday, November 15, 2004

Lumina, a post-abortion ministry based in New York, has a new batch of articles up on their articles page. Some of their news is:

We just returned from our post abortive pilgrimage to the Shrines of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland. What an amazing trip! Sixteen women from across the country were called by God to participate in this first, God willing, of many pilgrimages of reparation, thanksgiving and supplication. The women were each called in a different way and are from many different ministries, Rachel's Vineyard, Project Rachel, Entering Canaan etc etc. It was awesome to share this experience together as women who have lost a child through abortion.

Within 2 days of returning it was off again to a weekend retreat for post-abortive women at The Sisters of Life where we were privileged to have 11 wonderful women. Although still lagging from the time change, both Father Marius and I were blessed as the Holy spirit worked in spite of us and the sisters, as usual, provided the retreatants with a little bit of heaven on earth as they learned about post abortion and experienced God's great mercy and love for them.

Before leaving for Poland, a benefit concert for Lumina was held at Most Holy Trinity Church in Mamaroneck where Alex Kubik and Marty Rotella generously gave of their time and talents.

A Men's Day of Prayer and Healing is in the works for January 29th at the Blessed Sacrament Friary in Newark, NJ. Both Father George Stewart and Father Mariusz Koch, CFR will be leading the day with the help of some of the CFR brothers. Confidential reservations can be made through Lumina at 877-586-4621.

Our Silent No More billboard finally makes its debut on Nov 22nd on Yonkers Ave, in Yonkers. You may have remembered it was due up in October but due to an error at Clear Channel it was postponed.

On January 22nd, Lumina, along with the Respect Life Family Life office of the diocese of New York will be hosting a prayer services for all those who have been wounded by abortion...siblings, grandparents, friends, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles...the impact of abortion on society is immense and this promises to be a wonderful day. Running in conjunction with this, "Hope & Healing" a post abortion supplemental newspaper published by The Elliot Institute will be distributed throughout the diocese through Catholic New York, the archdiocesan newspaper (135,000 distribution).
But be sure to read it all.

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