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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My "Noo Yawk Irish" is now officially up.

Ok, good advice time:
  1. Don't ever buy Zone Alarm Pro firewall software (it commandeers your PC and screws it over big time)
  2. If you use Symantec Ghost 2003 or SystemWorks 2003, buy something else NOW or upgrade to the latest version, otherwise you may never see Windows boot up again.....(eye twitch begins)
I won't be reachable or be responding via the blog or email for God knows how long, as the above products I've used and known a long time (versions in use are only a year old) suddenly have imploded and caused my PC to no longer boot even to the point of going into safe mode to get to Windows. I am at a public PC now.

My apologies to those I said I'd call or write as your contact info is all in my now-dead PC. To Christine from Connecticut, if you still have my phone #, call me? I'll call Thomas More Society to see if I can get a message through to you. (eye twitch worsens)

I called Symantec Tech Support, reached two fellows in India or Pakistan whom I couldn't understand, except that they could only repeat--over and over again--how they were "no longer supporting 2003 versions," despite my ready credit card.

In effect, I am S.O.L. (feeling more and more like Lewis Black in full rant mode)

My biggest fear is that the entire backup image file of ALL my data, all my emails, all my 6 years' worth of files and databases, will not be accessible from the old hard drive.

If that happens, I'll probably commit harikari. Can you hear me screaming?

Symantec never notified me it was no longer supporting what I use, after only one year. Their own instructions (which I followed) aborted the restore process and left me with no operating system and no "way out" once that was done.

Last time I had similar problems trying to do simple upgrades, I ended up
spending over $2,000 since the tekkie didn't know what he was doing and "built his learning curve" at my expense. I could have just bought a whole spanking-brand-new super-duper system then, which is what I may have to do now.

Please, pray for my sanity.

I HATE COMPUTERS. Because they hate me. (PS: Please, no one suggest I switch to Mac/Apple or Linux. I can't survive having a 100% learning curve right now)

PS: As I was driving to access this public PC, gassing up the car on "5-cents-off Wednesday", I saw a funeral motorcade drive slowly by, heading for my church up the street.

Not for nothing, but it suddenly helped give me some perspective on this nightmare.

At least I'm alive to try to fix this #$%^@&$# problem.

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