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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Planned Parenthood: Better Think Fast

On October 28, 2004, Knight Ridder's Megan Twohey wrote an article entitled, "Girls who take pride in promiscuity face dangers, experts say."

Interestingly, in the article, Planned Parenthood was backtracking as fast as it could--sort of--from their nationwide initiatives teaching young children how to be just that: promiscuous.

Of course, they weren't talking about those initiatives by name. But at the parents-not-allowed "Nobody's Fool" conference running yearly since 1990, Planned Parenthood has taught children as young as nine how to masturbate, have sex and gave them nine reasons to have abortions.

The organization also makes 93.5% of its money from providing abortions and dispensing 633,756 Morning After Pills a year (from their own Annual Report, linked to in the URL just shown above).

They also sell a 6-inch ruler for schoolkids emblazoned with the question, "Does Size Matter?" directing them to their sexually-fixated website, TeenWire.

Only now that young girls are "pimping," calling themselves "players," groping boys and demanding casual sex with multiple partners a day, Planned Parenthood gets upset? Where were they when the boys began being promiscuous? The article states,
"Planned Parenthood says that promiscuity is helping fuel the rise of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers—diseases that can rob girls of the ability to bear children." [emphasis this author]
And also: to become pregnant in the first place, thus needing all those abortions from which Planned Parenthood profits. Yes, despite being a "non-profit," in 2002, they made a 300% increase in profits over 2001 from abortions, or $36.6 million profit a year.

Note how they weren't quoted as saying they cared so much about the boys getting STDs, just the girls?

And just yesterday, my local paper prints this headline, "Drop in pregnancies seen as conservative victory", with this boxed quote in larger type than the rest of the article:
"'We have tried so many things over the years, working with both school-based health clinics that provide comprehensive reproductive health information, but abstinence has played a major role.' --Martha Okafor, director of the state public health department’s maternal and child-health program."
The article goes on:
"[Okafor] attributes the lower girls’ pregnancy rates to improved abstinence-education efforts in schools....[Okafor says,] 'Those education efforts cross over between different subject areas. In a variety of ways, kids are taught to refrain from sex, be assertive, how to anticipate risks, and to walk away from unwelcome sexual advances.'"
And it's working (in a heavily "blue state" with a rabidly pro-abortion Attorney General who was then-Supreme Court Justice Blackmun's law clerk who actually helped pen Roe v. Wade, no less).

To borrow from Robin Williams: "Whoa. Reality. What a concept."

P.S. There are "millions more dollars available for abstinence campaigns nationwide" from the Bush administration, according to that article.

Now ponder this: In FY2003, Planned Parenthood received $254.4 million in taxpayer money, an all-time record that surpassed tax dollars received in FY2001 and FY2002 combined (it's all in their Annual Report). The Bush Administration, on the other hand, is now having to give multiple millions to counteract the promiscuity education efforts of Planned Parenthood for at least a decade, maybe two or more.

Maybe we should give all those millions to real women's/children's health and support centers, such as the crisis pregnancy centers (3,400 in the USA and 1,400 outside the USA), to help women really have choices other than abortion.

You think?

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