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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Roe Challenge Moves to Supreme Court

Experts, Groups, and Attorneys Needed for Friend of Court Briefs

Roe v Wade is headed back to the Supreme Court. The Justice Foundation will file a writ of certiorari on or before January 17, 2005, asking the High Court to hear Norma McCorvey's Rule 60 motion to reverse Roe v. Wade.

But a hearing is not guaranteed. Friend of the court briefs will be needed to support the petition for a hearing.

The Justice Foundation, which is representing McCorvey, is willing to help match groups and individuals with an interest in filing briefs in support of this writ with attorneys and academics who will assist in writing the briefs.

Also needed are attorneys licensed to practice before the Supreme Court willing to file the briefs on behalf of these individuals or groups.

Groups and individuals having an interest in presenting to the Court arguments regarding how abortion has injured women and society are also needed. The Justice Foundation will help match you with attorneys who will help prepare and file your brief.

Groups or individuals needed include:
  1. Women hurt by abortion.
  2. Victims of domestic violence related to abortion and/or
  3. directors or counselors at agencies serving victims of domestic violence.
  4. Former abortion providers.
  5. Physicians, psychologists, and other professionals who have treated women injured by abortion.
  6. Pregnancy care centers.
If you are an attorney able to file Supreme Court briefs, an attorney or academic willing to help draft briefs, or an individual or group that wishes to be represented by a brief, please contact the Justice Foundation at (210) 614-7157.

Women interested in filing Friends of the Court forms should go to this Operation Outcry: Silent No More link:

Learn more about this case at:

(also stay tuned to this blog)

Courtesy of Elliott Institute.

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