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Monday, November 8, 2004

If anyone believes Arlen Specter's transparent and desperate "covering-his-pro-abortion-tracks" last week in the press, trying to save his expected Judiciary Chair nomination, check these recent events out:

Specter recently attended a million dollar fundraiser for the Republican ProChoice Coalition, and this past spring was supported by another pro-choice Republican activist group: “‘Women for Arlen’ deployed a phone bank and mailings to enlist moderates to turn out for the primary contest of U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.”

He called the Republican Platform "anti-choice" in 1995 when he tried to run for President. And he's the one calling pro-life nominees "too extreme?" Calling anyone "anti-choice" is as bad as calling anyone a "pro-abort."

Looks like Connecticut's own Congressmen Rob Simmons (CT-02) and Chris Shays (CT-04) were at that fundraiser, too, the so-called "Big Tent Celebration."

Hmmm. "Big tent" is supposed to mean "A group, especially a political coalition, that accommodates people who have a wide range of beliefs, principles, or backgrounds."

It's too bad their "big tent" doesn't include the women who regret and the babies we grieve.

UPDATE 11/9/04: A regular reader, commenter and former researcher for the book Lime 5, Christina Dunnigan, told us this story:
"I went to one of [Specter's] 'town hall' meetings once, and asked what he proposed to do about abortion malpractice and needless deaths from legal abortion. He asked how many women die, and I started with, 'Well, according to the CDC....' A woman sitting behind me said, 'What's the CDC?' I said, 'Centers for Disease Control.'

"She sniffed and said, 'Well! Abortion's not a disease!'

"Spector seemed to consider the matter closed.

"He substitutes slogans and carefully cultivated ignorance for any real concern for women."

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