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Monday, November 1, 2004

So what? So what?

Amy Welborn and other bloggers have picked up this story from U.S. Catholic News about a member of the USCCB's sexual abuse review board who gives lavishly and often to pro-choice politicians.

The journalist who wrote this story spoke to two post-abortive women to get their reaction:

Georgette Forney, who had an abortion when she was 16, has counseled hundreds of girls who suffer from post-abortion psychological trauma.

Her own abortion led her down a path of drugs, alcohol and self abuse that she says is common today among girls as young as 12 who are getting impregnated by older men who pay for abortions.

She describes a cycle of sexual abuse perpetuated by the abortion industry, and urged the National Review Board to oppose it.

“Young girls who engage in sexual activity are looking for affirmation. Older men who want to have sex with them know how to exploit that,” says Forney, 44, of Pittsburgh. “Abortion makes this easier for the perpetrators. If the victim gets pregnant, typically she follows the perpetrator’s lead and lays herself out on the table at an abortion clinic, completely clueless as to what’s about to happen to her. At 16, I had no idea they were going to put a vacuum hose in my body and suck a baby out. They just did it.”

Molly White, a post-abortion counselor in Belton, Texas, also warned that abortion and abuse are related. She tells of a girl in Texas who, starting when she was 14, was impregnated at least three times by one teacher who convinced her each time to get an abortion.

“There’s no question today that the abortion industry helps facilitate the sexual exploitation of very young girls,” White said. “One would not expect someone on a board that’s concerned with sexual exploitation of minors to be championing the abortion industry’s rights.”
It's a hopeful sign that the Catholic press is getting a better understanding of the street-level reality of teen abortions, and that they know where to go to find out. I would guess that most Catholics (certainly including the members of the USCCB's sexual abuse review board) don't know a thing about the links between sexual abuse and abortion.

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