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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"Stop Arlen Specter" Effort and Senators' FAX Numbers: please continue through next week, if anyone hasn't done so yet. (I faxed them all yesterday, took me about 10 minutes, if anyone's so inclined and can't afford/doesn't want to pay those sites offering to do it for a charge.)
"Republican senators (including the seven newly elected senators) will come to Washington next week (the week of November 15) for organizational meetings. Crucial decisions are likely to be made at that time. Therefore, before that occurs, it is especially important that key members of the Republican leadership receive many more calls and e-mails urging, "Do not allow Sen. Specter to assume the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee." (from NRLC email)
From a friend:
"I just called Senator Frist's office at 615-352-9411 and the young man who answered the phone was grateful for the call. HE TOLD ME THAT SENATOR FRIST IS TAKING A POLL FROM THE PHONE CALLS. PLEASE, PLEASE CALL AND DEMAND STRONGLY THAT SPECTOR'S NAME WOULD BE WITHDRAWN FOR CONSIDERATION.....Rich"
Here are the FAX numbers for the Senators on the Judiciary Committee and the newly elected Republican Senators:

Sen. Bill Frist, FAX 202-228-1264
Orrin Hatch (Utah) FAX (202) 224-6331
Charles Grassley (Iowa) FAX (515) 288-5097
Jon Kyl (Az.) FAX (202) 224-2207
Mike DeWine (Ohio) FAX (202) 224-6519
Jeff Sessions (Al.) FAX (202) 224-3149
Lindsey Graham (SC) no fax., phone is (202) 224-5972
Larry Craig (Id.) no fax, phone is 202/224-2752
Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) FAX 202-224-0103
John Cornyn (Tx.) FAX 202-228-2856
Mel Martinez FAXes (407) 897-8595, (305) 443-3611
Johnny Isakson FAXes 202-225-4656 , (404) 256-9085
David Vitter, FAXes (202) 225-0739 , 504-833-1185,
Richard Burr FAX 202-225-2995
Tom Coburn FAXes 918-294-8380 , 580-353-1978
Jim DeMint FAX (202) 226-1177
John Thune FAX 605-221-1021,

"Senator Specter is a longtime defender of Roe v. Wade. He played a key role in defeating the nomination of Judge Robert Bork (a Roe opponent) to the Supreme Court in 1987. Last week Specter said that Roe is "inviolate." Contrary to the impression people might receive from some news reports over the past week, Specter has NOT promised to support President Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court." (from NRLC email)

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