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Monday, November 22, 2004

Suppose anyone really reads this through?
(sent to me by one of our readers)

Ohio Women's Center: "You will be given four misoprostol tablets with instructions to insert them into the vagina at home within 48 hours of taking the Mifeprex tablet."

FDA: "In all of these [harmful effects] cases, misoprostol was given vaginally, not orally, which is the approved regimen. FDA has not reviewed data on the safety and effectiveness of vaginal administration of misoprostol."

Elsewhere that FDA site says, "The [harmful effects] reports are cases of ectopic pregnancy..." but regarding the 6 cases in my earlier post: two of the six were ectopics, four were not.

In Brenda Vise's case, the clinic wrongly told her they couldn't see the embryo in her uterus "because the fetus was 'too small to be seen.'" They didn't tell her she had an ectopic pregnancy, and she didn't know that. Malpractice #1.

This site says Patterson did not die from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, but of "overwhelming sepsis."

Of the 6 women in the Washington Post article in April 02 (which couldn't include Brenda or Holly since they died later), 3 women had ruptures of ectopic pregnancies but only one of those died. Two of the remaining 3 women had serious bacterial infections, and one of those died.

The Canadian woman was "reported to have died from septic shock." Not ectopic pregnancy rupture.

The FDA press release just this month (11/2004) mentioned "another death from sepsis."

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