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Friday, November 19, 2004

Too Good To Be True?

Seems some Dems are calling this "MSM Spin," but...
CNN reported that,
"With the exception of abortion rights and gun control, both of which he opposes, [Nevada] Sen. Harry Reid's recent voting record on major issues puts him in the mainstream of Senate Democrats."
As blogger Steven D. at writes, that's "assuming Reid's pro-life credentials hold up."

Yes, the same Daschle-replacing, new-minority-leader Reid who said, "I always would rather dance than fight. But I know how to fight."

Thanks to Mark Shea for the initial heads-up. The comments there are well worth reading, too, especially this one about Reid's conflicting ratings by NRLC, Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and this one, about how
"Reid supports a Partial Birth Ban, Parental Notification and did in fact vote 'NO' in a 1999 vote so say 'Roe v Wade was a correct decision' BUT he also supports Filibustering the ProLife judges, supports removing Gag Orders for promoting abortion, and supports federal funding of massive 'women's health programs' that include all sorts of family planning and contraception."
Interesting stuff, from a fellow named "mike the amateur apologist" and more.

All worth careful reading and parsing...

Readers, what say you?

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