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Monday, December 6, 2004

Abortions in Russia

The post below notes that someone claimed to James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web that the link in Russia between abortion and infertility only exists because Russian abortions are purposely brutal as a matter of policy. This is absurd, but it did inspire me to look up some additional articles on abortion in Russia.

Here's a little piece by the Global Health Council. It has information on infertility and abortion.

The Christian Science Monitor talks about the extremely high rate of abortion in Russia, and the resulting infertility problems.

The Moscow Daily News tells these stories about the Russian attitude toward abortion.

The women I spoke to - stoic, intelligent matrons obviously with other things on their minds besides talking their husbands into using condoms - took it for granted that they had friends who'd chide them with "I've had thirty abortions already, what's the big deal?" when they had to make that trip to the clinic.

And, according to one gynecologist who has been practicing for 45 years, there was no reason to blanche when a girl admitted that "I'd rather just have abortions than not have satisfying sex."

So if Russian men shudder at the thought of wearing condoms, and women are traditionally suspicious of anything remotely resembling hormones ("they're afraid to get fat, so they'd rather have abortions," a younger woman said) what about other forms of birth control? Sponges? Foams?
Nothing in there about abortions that are purposely brutal and horrifying in order to dissuade the practice.

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