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Monday, December 20, 2004

According to Feminists for Life, Colleges promote abortion over pregnancy in student health care plans.

When it comes to providing support to students facing an unexpected pregnancy, far too many colleges are failing to make the grade.

That's the assessment of Feminists for Life, which says that some university health plans, such as Yale University's, provide coverage for abortion but not for giving birth.

"When students receive positive results on a pregnancy test, campus health clinic staff too often say ‘I'm sorry' and automatically refer women to abortion clinics," said Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life. "Women need to know the rest of their choices, including single parenting, married parenting, and adoption options."

Foster notes that schools regularly address “other challenges students face, like depression and sexually transmitted diseases, but bury the fact that there are pregnant and parenting students who need support."
Great point.

Foster noted that not enough colleges and universities include maternity coverage in their student health insurance plans, but “all too often we receive reports that schools provide money or loans to pay for student abortions."

Foster said universities also need parental leave for not only students, but faculty and staff as well.
Advocating for change so that state-funded campuses become a safe place to be pregnant would be an excellent project for prolife legislators on the state level.

Telling, also, is the reaction from Planned Parenthood to the college project.

The nation's largest abortion business calls it the "newest and most challenging concept in anti-choice campus organizing" and admits it could have a "profound" effect on college campuses.
Yes, that is a telling reaction. If Democrats want to moderate their image as fans of abortion (see post below), a good way to start would be to get behind the Feminists for Life program for campuses.

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