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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"All suffering has a hidden quality, a quality of strangeness. Our temptation is to look at suffering as big, spectacular, noisy and very imposing. But in the center of all the hunger, homelessness, violence, torture, war, there is a hidden anguish, a silent agony, an invisible loneliness, that nobody wants to touch...

"When we do not recognize this hidden quality of suffering, we might easily be seduced into taking on the posture of problem-solvers who, in a great eagerness to help, add violence to violence. There is an enormously seductive quality to the big sufferings of the world. They can even have a great fascination for us. Countless generous people, wanting to be of service in the world, have been overpowered by the forces they tried to conquer." ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen people who say hateful, hurtful, condemning things, or do even worse...

...population control supporters who think abortion and the Pill are the best thing for third-world women...

...those who might influence a victim of rape to abort...

...AIDS Research Chiefs who rewrite a safety report to "change its conclusions and delete negative information [and] order resuming of research over staff's objections," resulting in "violations of patient safety safeguards" and endangering hundreds of thousands of African mothers and children with "severe reactions, including death."

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