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Friday, December 17, 2004

Baby diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome by two different physicians, is born normal, after parents refused to abort.

Happened in Sydney, Australia. You simply must read this.

A woman who advises Australian Parliamentary Senator Brian Harradine on bioethical issues knows of so many such false-diagnoses, she's writing a book about them. Can't wait to get that. (Her name is Melinda Tankard Reist, for those of us who will google her in about a year to see if the book's out yet)

Thanks to my friend Rodolfo for alerting me to this.

If you have trouble opening that link, I think their server might be crushed under all the link requests. Go to their main page, do a word search on the name Mozz (2 z's) and scroll down to the article called, "Little Calvin a miracle in the making." That ought to do it. Or try back later...

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