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Thursday, December 23, 2004

"For Michael, from your sister..."
(a poem written by the sibling we asked you to pray for earlier today)

It seems as though you’re out of place
But maybe this is where you belong.

You’re heaven’s little angel
Looking down on me
You’re what I’d hoped for
For the whole world to see

Mommy, she made a mistake
She thought she did the right thing
It was for her own sake
But later on she realized
Exactly what she’d done

She says she’s sorry that she hurt you
She was completely wrong
But there is nothing she can change
Your body is forever gone

Now we use you as our story
To help others who are on this journey
Fighting for your lives

And we will forever love you
Because you’re God’s perfect joy
You are my brother, and mommy’s little boy.

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