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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Jason Van Steenwyk, the blogger at Iraq Now/Counterclaim, notes a discrepancy between how combat PTSD and post-abortion syndrome are treated by the house newspaper of the VLWC.

For what it's worth, of the 130 or so Iraq veterans I came home with in March about 9 of them self-reported minor or severe depression or requested referral to mental health professionals when next screened at the first drill after terminal leave expired, which happened to be in July.

Of those nine, a certain number carried forward some problems and stressors from prior to the war. At least two that I know of were on anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds at some point before the war. So while PTSD symptoms can be aggravated by a less than ideal home life, I can only firmly attribute the depression/anxiety to the war for perhaps four or five of those nine, at best.

Others may be having problems they reported through other channels, or didn't report at all. But all studies have to deal with selection bias.

In any case, the media seem to be wayyyy WAYYYYYYY overreporting the mental health story.

What I can't figure out is: these knuckleheads will harp on soldiers being a bunch of fragile, fainting pantiwaists as soon as we get home, haunted by PTSD and debilitated by memories.

Because we're just that easily shattered.

But these same idiots will still argue that post-abortion syndrome is a myth.


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