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Monday, December 13, 2004

The mom with cancer, Ashli's friend, who we were helping make it to Disney maybe one time with her family before she succumbed to breast cancer at age 27 because she refused to abort her second child when she was diagnosed during the pregnancy? Remember her?

She died, November 30.

I don't think they made it to Disney.

She leaves behind a grieving husband, a precious 2 year-old son and an as-precious infant daughter, a mountain of medical bills, and a Christmas season that will appear to them only in black-and-white, not red, green, silver or gold.

Prayers, a short note with condolences, compassionate encouragement, a $5 bill, whatever. Just do it, as Emily once posted for this very same family.

Read ashli's 3 posts on that page. Go spend a minute looking at the photos they took (click on "next" to view them all).

Especially this one.

Allow me to repeat Ashli's eloquent words:
"She was willing
if that's what it took
to die for her faith
and for her child
and she did.
That means everything
doesn't it?

No matter what...
no matter what
Mother made the right choice.
The beauty and honor of it bring me to my knees.

A healthy child will live and love and laugh
because Mother loved
in truth and selflessness.
Mother loved
like a lion
a lion gone
to be with the Lamb.

This Christmas please remember the grieving children of a mother who was too good for this world.
Especially next time you hear that song that goes something like, "What Christmas is all about..."

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