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Monday, December 13, 2004

Show Me Your Face!

Am sending this poem, from a poster I've had on my wall, to the husband and family of Diane Hubbard, the mom with cancer. We don't frontpage our faith usually on this blog, but this one rings true, especially for Diane...

...for those not religious, consider it a sort of "explanation" as to why many of us who are post-abortive now would do exactly as Diane has just done.
I cried out to God,
"Show me your face"
and God sent me a ....child.

I learned about Surrender
as I gave way to the surges of birthing energy.

I learned Compassion
as my little one's cry pierced my heart.

I learned about Powerlessness
as I laid awake with my inconsolable infant.

I learned about Faithfulness
rocking my feverish baby day and night waiting for healing.

I learned Patience
as my child asked me to do it again just one more time.

I learned a Fierceness in love
that could take me to death to defend my sweet child.

I learned Tolerance
accepting myself enough to love my child in a fit of tantrum.

I learned Kindness
as my tears were kissed away by tiny lips.

I learned Respect
as I wondered at the profound wisdom of one so small.

I learned Humility
seeing the Divine in the eyes of my child.

God answered my cry,
"Know who I Am...
...As you love your child ~~ so it is that I love you."

by Susanmarie Doyle

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