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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Emily posted an article the other day from the Hartford Advocate regarding the "We're Not Sorry" gals. It was pretty disturbing to say the least...sad and pathetic. I wonder if they think they are going to get people to support them by printing those stories. It was interesting to read ...they sound very angry, and seem to be women trying to convince themselves they did the right thing.

Anyway, they have now changed the name of the march they are having in April to March for Women's Lives.

Guess that means every woman but those of us who were hurt by abortion. Once we have the abortion, like our children, we are aborted by a society who refuses to acknowledge our pain. They act as if we have no right to our voice, although last time I looked I was a woman, and try to make us seem crazy in order to protect the "right to choose". I have no doubt in the end, as always, the truth will prevail.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

This article appeared in the El Reno (Oklahoma) Tribune today. Unfortunately, it isn't available as a link.

By Ray Dyer

I need to get something off my chest.

It’s probably been 15 years, maybe longer, since I wrote a column that focused on the evils of abortion. The column appeared in The Tribune at this time of year because Jan. 22 is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. A decision that effectively made abortion on demand legal in the United States.

I recall writing this decision would someday cause the world to judge our society as being similar to the Nazis. I argued abortion as no different than Hitler ordering the slaughter of millions of innocent people during World War II. It seemed like a pretty simple picture to paint at the time.

People who keep track of such things said then that at least 1 million babies were killed each year by abortion. I think the numbers are about the same today. My argument back then was that a figure like that would make the number of people Hitler ordered killed seem rather pale in comparison.

After the column appeared I went on with life as usual. I was a bit surprised at the end of Mass that Sunday morning at Sacred Heart Church when Father Philip Wilkemeyer, now deceased, told the parish how brave it was of me to take this stand. I remember feeling a bit embarrassed by the attention, but admittedly also a bit proud for being recognized as brave.

Now, years later I only feel embarrassed and even a bit ashamed of the cold and uncaring attitude I expressed in that column. I couldn’t see it then; I set myself up as judge, jury and executioner. No mercy, no consideration for the feelings of others.

That column made it seem perfectly all right to non-chalantly lump what is no doubt an act of complete and total despair made by a young woman the world demands perfection from in with the kind of scolding dished out over a bumble by an inattentive City Council or school board.

Please don’t misunderstand; I haven’t changed my belief about abortion. It’s terribly wrong and it causes unthinkable harm to everyone involved. It seriously damages our society and the entire world for that matter. Life is sacred. It’s a lesson the world is taking a very long time to learn.

The guilt I have is for the way I stood in judgment of people, especially women, many who were and perhaps still are hurting more than any of us could ever know. People whom for years may have felt the need to suffer in silence. The last thing hurting people need is someone like me piling it on. Pouring salt on a wound that refuses to heal.

I’m sorry if the words I wrote years ago hurt you.

We learn things as we go through life. Some of us learn sooner than others.

There is a healing ministry known as Rachel’s Vineyard. It helps women and men who are suffering from the pain and hurt of abortion. It’s not an easy ministry to allow into your life. It deals with truth and honesty. It also deals with love, mercy and forgiveness. I promise one thing; Rachel’s Vineyard will not pour salt on your wounds.

You can learn more about Rachel’s Vineyard by calling toll free 1-877-467-3463. Or go to

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Here is the statement by Congressman Chris Smith, NJ, made at the March for Life yesterday.

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Mother of Sorrows: Four Women Tell Their Stories of Hope and Healing after Abortion.

Featured on GodSpy.

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I have been searching for an hour but have not found any coverage of the Silent No More event in DC. In fact, the only coverage I have seen of the March that even comes close to saying the amount of people that attended was in the Washington Times.

I have always said that the March is more for us than for any media attention. It is obvious that after 31 years, it has not done much to overturn Roe vs Wade, but it is wonderful to get together with other people who have the same is an encouragement for the year ahead.

I went down to DC with The Sisters of Life on Wednesday. The Mass at the Bascilica of the Immaculate Conception was packed (20,000). This year, the homily given by Cardinal Keeler specifically mentioned post-abortion pain and the courage of the women that would be participating in the Silent No More event . He even said he believed these were the people who would end Roe vs Wade. It was a great outreach to those who are still suffering in silence.

After attending for 18 years, I did get to view the March from a different perspective this year. The Sisters were the first group to march and so we stood before the Supreme Court and got to see everyone else who came after us. It was phenomenal. We stood there for over and hour and a half! It is a little frustrating to see newspapers state there were "thousands" there when you know it had to be well over 100,000. Still, it was a wonderful day.

After the March those of us participating in Silent No More met in a house behind the Supreme Court where we got to meet each other, chat and share a meal. It was great fellowship and I was especially happy to meet people I have been corresponding with over email for awhile like Anne Marie Cosgrove of Silent No More, Minnesota and Olivia Gans of American Victims of Abortion. It was also great to be with friends I have met over the years such as Charnette Messe; and Theresa Burke of Rachel's Vineyard . I also was happy to be with about fifty other post-abortive women, and of course, thanks go out to Georgette Forney and Janet Morano of the Silent No More Campaign for all their work in organizing this event.

It was wonderful to see many people out in front of the Supreme Court to support us. They stood in the cold for hours as they listened to woman after woman share the story of their abortion. I know their support was priceless especially to those women who were sharing their stories for the first time. Jennifer O'Neill was, as always, wonderful, as was Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King) and Melba Moore whose voice is beyond unbelievable. I thank them for standing with us as I do all the women who were there...
of course, NOW made their appearance at about six o'clock and began their chants about women's rights and bodies, but it paled in comparison to the testimonies of the women of SNM.

Most especially I want to give thanks to congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey, who has courageously been working for life for many years. In his talk from the platform of the March, he too spoke in support of Silent No More and the women and men hurt from abortion, but I cannot express how I felt when I saw him in the cold last night for the event, standing right in front for hours, on crutches to support us. I know I for one plan to email or write him to let him know how much I appreciate all his hard work and how very grateful I am for his support. This is where he can be contacted if you want to thank him for being there for us too!

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Post-abortion counseling is important for men, too.

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Is she in your church?

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Here, a long article in the Hartford Advocate encouraging women to speak out about their abortion history and lack of regrets.

It's fascinating. It will not, however, convince you that abortion is the emotionally healthy choice.

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This Crosswalk article about the March for Life quotes Silent No More spokeswomen:

At the Supreme Court, the pro-life gathering heard from two actresses who were speaking on behalf of "Operation Outcry: Silent No More" -- a group representing women who feel remorse over their past abortions. Melba Moore and Jennifer O'Neill warned women about the long-term consequences of abortion, an aspect of the three-decades-old ruling that abortion proponents are reluctant to acknowledge.

In an interview with Associated Press, Moore said she had "many abortions" -- more than she wants to count -- and could not escape the guilt until she gave her life to God. But Moore says she hopes to be united with her unborn children in heaven someday. She advises other women who are haunted by their abortions to "give your life back to God on a daily basis so that as it continues to heal and open up, you'll look forward to the day that you'll see and be with your children."

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Sorrow, conflict and confusion from a man who appears to have lost multiple children to abortion.

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The post-abortion support website SafeHaven gets a nice write-up this morning on Crosswalk. (You'll have to scroll down.)

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Roe v Wade anniversary events in Florida includes a courageous woman speaking in public about the devastation she experienced after abortion.

"Back then it was a lie," she said, referring to 1979 when she lived in New York and had her first abortion at age 21. "They wanted everyone to believe abortion was just a procedure."

Carolyn Kollegger, 42, wants unmarried couples today to practice self control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. She is now married to the man with whom she terminated her earlier pregnancies.

"They need to get real about what's important in life and what's important in life is not seeking out what is convenient and feels good," she said.

Kollegger said after her third abortion, she awakened from the anesthesia crying, not out of physical discomfort but despair of what she had done. During her earlier abortions, she recalled hearing the sounds of other women waking up in the adjacent room and wailing.

"It was grief and sorrow still in an anesthetic state," she said. "It was more like in your heart you knew what you had done was wrong and couldn't change it."

Carolyn, may God bless you for your courage in speaking out.

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AP coverage of yesterday's March for Life mentions abortion regrets:

Outside the Supreme Court, Luana Stoltemberg, 43, of Davenport, Iowa, held the "regret" sign. She said abortions contributed to her inability to have children when she wanted them.

"I've had three abortions, and that hurts women like me," she said. "It devastates us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally."

Kudos to you, Luana Stoltemberg. What you did yesterday takes courage and grace.

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I just came across an online excerpt from "Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion".

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This email was sent to us yesterday. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man who wrote it.


Women are not the only ones whose lives are filled with abortion regret. Nearly 10 years ago, when I was 23, my girlfriend at the time got pregnant. She was a girl I had an on and off relationship with since I was 16. When she got pregnant, she wanted to have the baby, but never said it. I could tell that all she wanted me to do was be happy about it and for us to have the baby and we would make it somehow. Instead, I stood there and said nothing. When she called me the night before the abortion, I just knew she wanted me to say "Don't do it." What did I do? I accused her of sleeping around, that it wasn't mine, you name it. She had the abortion, and to this day, I hurt over it like I could never explain. 2 months ago, I had my first baby, a beautiful little girl Emily. Since she was born, the regret for what I did 10 years ago has boiled back to the surface like you will not believe. I cannot tell this to Emily's mother. In fact, I can't tell anyone else, that is why I am writing this. I have cried a lot in the last month. If nothing else, I hope the men who read this, if faced with a similar situation, will be the man that I should have been. And, I wanted you to know that it is not just women who suffer from regret. I have an understanding of the women I saw today in D.C., the ones with the signs that said "I regret my abortion," that I wish I never had.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

I was just sent the link to Beyond Choice, a post-abortion ministry in Midland, Texas. I'll add it to the list of regional healing resources.

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Rachel McNair has a fascinating piece up on National Review Online today, Doing It All For My Baby.

McNair points out that abortion rates are dropping, especially the rate of first-time abortion. She claims that because of the psychological realities of how people change their minds, this drop presents a golden opportunity. if the pro-life community can help understand that the reason for the drop is that abortion is not a good thing:

Luckily new information, and new reasons to change, abound. People thought that abortion legalization would end "back-alley butcher" stories, but instead the horror stories continued and expanded. Experience shows that women are often pressured into abortions (so much for increasing their freedom to choose), and that the aftermath of an abortion can be devastating to women. Researchers have found a link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer. There has been an upsurge rather than a decrease in child abuse. Well-intentioned people have come to discover over time that the alleged benefits didn't materialize, and abortion "rights" didn't help women.

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Turn on EWTN!

Right now they are broadcasting a beautiful and touching interview with a woman who went to a Rachel's Vineyard retreat.

These are some words in a letter this woman wrote to the child she aborted:

"Our paths have come together again. We can walk the rest of the way together."

The final words of the woman (I'm glad I type fast) were:

Abortion is not easy. It is not an in-and-out procedure. I want you to know that there are people who understand and care, who can help you start the healing, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus wants you to reach out and your children do too.

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Women describe pain of abortion, from the Rocky Mountain News.

Abortion offers a momentary choice but a lifetime of regret, grieving women told a chilled noontime crowd outside the state Capitol on Tuesday.

"My name was 'Gullible,' and this is my story," said Joyce Zounis, the first of 14 speakers to tell how they took advantage of legalized abortion, which began 31 years ago this week, and ended up haunted by their choice.

Women who once saw the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision as their answer, are now an emerging movement in the fight to overturn it. Groups such as Zounis' Silent No More are becoming prominent in the now-annual demonstrations. Last year, actress Jennifer O'Neill spoke of her own abortion regrets in the group's first gathering in Colorado.

This year's speakers included Zounis, 41, who had seven abortions and leads the local branch of Silent No More. At the podium, the women shared stories of a litany of problems they traced to abortion, including infertility and suicide attempts.

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The Toledo Blade is running an article this morning, After decades of research, evaluating abortion's effect still difficult, that is the most balanced write-up I've seen in the popular press about what the science shows about the psychiatric impact of abortion.

It also has a rather chilling comment from pro-choice researcher Nancy Russo.

But do the hundreds of thousands of women who opt for abortion each year open themselves to risk?

It depends on the woman, Dr. Coleman said.

"People who decide to have an abortion, are comfortable with it, have social support for it ... the majority of women will not have a problem. Most women, at this point in the understanding of the literature ... are not harmed psychologically."

But, she said, many studies show that 10 percent of women who have abortions do have problems.

"It’s that 10 percent with a common procedure that just keeps nudging at me," she said. "I think that’s a group we really need to look at more closely. Ten percent of 1.3 million women. How could we ignore that? If it was any other medical procedure it would get more attention," Dr. Coleman said.

"I consider myself pro-choice," said Nancy Russo, an Arizona State University researcher who studies abortion and other women’s issues, "but as far as I’m concerned, whether or not an abortion creates psychological difficulties is not relevant ... it means you give proper informed consent and you deal with it."

Link courtesy of Amy Welborn.

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Many thanks to these blogs for directing their readers here: A Saintly Salmagundi, Blog Bandit, Five Wasps, Pundit Filter, Broken Masterpieces, A Foot in the Bosporus, Dei Gratia, and to Patriot Paradox for including us in the first weekly Christian Carnival.

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Out of Despair

(a post-abortion poem)

They had to pull us apart,
but they could never
pull you out of my heart.

They could part flesh
but they could not part love.
Now you fly free like a feather
falling from the wing of a dove.

The grief was almost
too much to bear.
Now I am healing,
coming out of despair.

My child you will always be,
throughout all eternity.
No man can ever take that
away from me.

Our spirits connected
beyond time and space.
No surgeon's knife could sever
our cosmic embrace.

You are in heaven,
my angel, my guide
ever present at my side.

A heavenly reunion
awaits us now;
because with God
all things are possible
that's how.

thoughts conceived and captured on Saturday Feb. 23, 2002

by Carol A. Foster.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

As I've mentioned before, there are two Silent No More groups. This one appears to be quite a bit more active.

The other Silent No More is associated with Operation Outcry and it has a press release up here.

This group also has its own website. This website has been up since the summer and none of the links on the left go anywhere. Not cool.

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A report on what women who do not regret their abortions are doing to get the word out.

Some excerpts from the article, followed by my reactions:

When she researched what was already out there before launching the site, Beninato found only anti-choice counseling outfits like and Rachel's Vineyard ministry, which offer misleading medical information and propaganda from women who describe being coerced into abortion by controlling older boyfriends and Planned Parenthood "salespeople."

Propaganda? When did a woman sharing her own experience become propaganda? Using this emotionally loaded, condemnatory word to describe women sharing their stories is such an overreaction. What's that all about?

It's also quite unfair to both of the organizations she mentions. Where on the Rachel's Vineyard website is there any medical information, much less misleading medical information?

And the website at can hardly be described as "an anti-choice outfit". Why? In the first place, as that website says always and everywhere, it is politically neutral. In the second place, the woman who runs it is herself pro-choice and she doesn't try to hide that about herself.

It's time to tap into the well of women who have had abortions and don't regret it. Moved by Beninato's phrase, I have been working on a campaign to recast the Roe anniversary, January 22, as I'm Not Sorry Day. The campaign consists of three elements: a film directed by Gillian Aldrich documenting women's experiences with abortion, T-shirts that read I Had an Abortion and a postcard that lists such resources as unbiased post-abortion counseling and the National Network of Abortion Funds. The message of the day is that women might have complex, or even painful, experiences with abortion, but they are still confident they made the right decision and adamant that it had to be their decision to make.

It would be a wonderful thing if fans of abortion would start to admit the reality that women have "painful" experiences with abortion. If they do, though, it's because they've been dragged there kicking and screaming by women standing up to be Silent No More. It's because fans of abortion are starting to recognize that they'll lose their credibility if they continue to deny that women experience "pain" after abortion.

And let me go out on a limb...the idea that women are going to buy those "I had an abortion" t-shirts?

It's not gonna happen.

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Rachel's Helpers, a regional (New York) resource.

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Remembering Roe. A woman who does not regret her abortion.

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Grief counseling and trauma de-briefing.

This New Yorker article suggests that what people most need in order to recover after a loss is social support, as opposed to therapeutic crisis de-briefings.

It also says that exposure therapy seems to be an effective technique for people who continue to suffer intrusive thoughts for months and years after a traumatic loss.

Intrusive, disturbing thoughts and images are quite common in women who suffer from post-abortion stress syndrome, so this information could be helpful in designing or adding on to existing post-abortion counseling practices.

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How women are losing the hard-won right to choose, by Erica Jong.

"A whole generation has grown up without knowing that in the days before legal abortion, many women died or were sterilised in their desperate efforts to terminate unwanted pregnancies."

Why do fans of abortion think it is so very obvious that abortion is the solution for women who are made desperate by a pregnancy?

Why does it seem so obvious that pregnancy is the sort of thing that would just naturally make someone desperate? What's that all about?

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Zell Miller's March to Life.

"I watched the demonstrators as they came to Washington, and the advocates for life, and the number of 42 million human beings having been killed because of Roe vs. Wade," Democratic Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia told me last week in an interview for Human Events, "and it just grabbed ahold of me very strongly that what if one of my four great-grandchildren or four grandchildren had been one of those that never did get to enjoy the life that they have now."

"The most poignant sight for me at this year's annual pro-life march and demonstration in Washington, D.C.," wrote Miller [in his new book, A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat] "was the large number of women holding signs saying they regretted their abortions."

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This woman is giving a speech about the link between suicide and abortion. Her niece killed herself after an abortion.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

More from the little pink hearts people.

Does anyone at the November Gang abortion clinics seriously think that the emotional maelstrom of women who think that they are killing their own baby is going to be adequately addressed by writing a good-bye poem?

And yet, as we see in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, many of those in the abortion-positive community cannot bear to hear even the sad voices of those who write "Forgive Me" on a paper heart at an abortion clinic.

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Woman finds healing.

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Found this interesting too... NOW is encouraged that the FDA refuses to approve the return of silicone breast implants yet is pushing the use of dangerous drugs such as RU486 and refuses to support Women's Right to Know legislation for abortion....hmmm....

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NOW will be staging a demonstration Thursday at 6:00 pm in front of the Supreme Court to mark the 31st anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Silent No More will be out there from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Last year the contrast was overwehlming as the women of NOW tried to shout over the Silent No More voices so no one could hear the many ways abortion had hurt them. It is amazing that NOW claims to be pro-woman and pro-choice but completely disregards the countless women who think abortion is not a good choice. The only voices that seem to matter to them are the ones that agree with their agenda.

Let's see what this year brings as we once again stand side by side in front of the Supreme Court.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Another woman who is being Silent No More.

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Back again...just saw that EWTN is also airing a show Father Benedict did on Good Cunsel Homes on January 23rd. Lumina/Hope and Healing After Abortion is a program of Good Counsel...and Chris Bell is my boss (and I believe, a saint!)!!!!

Fr. Benedict Groeschel hosts this half hour special about Good Counsel Homes. Good Counsel provides homeless pregnant mothers a place to stay during their pregnancies, as well as training in skills to help them get jobs and assists them in finding affordable apartments after their babies are born. This special features interviews with Executive Director of Good Counsel Homes, Mr.Chris Bell, as well as mothers who have benefited from Good Counsel's assistance.

Friday January 23, 2004 11:00 AM on EWTN.

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Ok, I am back dropping a quick note before heading to D.C. for the March for Life and Silent No More on Thursday.

Hope everyone is getting a chance to watch Dave Reardon and Theresa Burke on their EWTN show "Making Abortion Rare"

The remaining shows:

Part 3: Airs January 20 at 6PM.
Part 4: Airs January 21 at 4:30AM & 6PM.
Part 5: Airs January 22 at 4:30AM & 6PM.
Part 6: Airs January 23 at 4:30AM & 6PM.

Definitely worth the watch!!!!

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A pilgrimage for those who are post-abortive.

This looks great!

Theresa Bonapartis is one of the organizers and she is also now a blogger on this very blog. Theresa is a friend of Fr. Benedict Groeschel, who has been in intensive care for a week after being struck by a car. I'm praying for Fr. Groeschel and for Theresa.

This is also a busy week for Theresa because she is active in Silent No More.

I'm looking forward to some first-person accounts from both Theresa and our other new blogmate, Annie Banno, when they have a chance to come up for air.

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Check out the t-shirt. I want one!!

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Self-mutilation and abortion.

Ah, to be young in America.

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The idea that there might be a higher rate of infertility in the population of women who have had abortions compared to the population of women who have not had abortions seems like a good bet. Artificially dilating the cervix, inserting foreign objects into the uterus, scrapping the interior of the uterus--when this is done to millions of women, it seems like good common sense to suppose that for some of these women, this manhandling will mean that their reproductive system will never again function the way it was designed to function.

Yet, the choice community denies that there is even the slightest risk of infertility after abortion. The mainstream press has complacently followed this lead.

That's why I 'bout fell off my chair while reading the article, "Is This Any Way to Have a Baby?" in the February 2004 issue of Oprah.

The subtitle of the article is "Thousands of women take fertility drugs, unaware they're putting their lives on the line." The article suggests that frightened, clock-ticking women have had dangerous fertility-inducing drugs pushed on them by profiteering and under-regulated fertility clinics.

Three drugs the article raises serious concerns about are Pergonal, Clomid, and Lupron. After reciting various horror stories, the author writes (p. 203):

Whether a woman needs help conceiving in the first place isn't always obvious. When she goes in for a workup, the specialist may have little incentive to send her back to the drawing board, or bed, as the case may be....Last May, the Medical College of Georgia's distinguished authority Paul McDonough, MD, speaking to a group of New York and New Jersey fertility specialists, urged his colleagues to "go after the low-hanging fruit," meaning the obvious causes of infertility--sperm problems, fallopian tube injuries (from STDs and abortions), and genetic or prenatal conditions--before they pull out their prescription pads.

Well, it does seem obvious, doesn't it?

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Backpedaling: Good exercise for the over-50 set.

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An interview in the Illinois Leader with Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. Alveda is participating in the January 22 Silent No More gathering in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Alveda: My uncle said, “The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety.”

Where he said, “Negro,” I add, "America." America cannot win, humanity cannot win, people cannot win, if we will sell the future of our children for our personal and immediate comfort and safety.

Parents making a decision to abort - because sometimes both are involved - are aborting a slave, in that the baby has no say so over whether it will live or not live. Likewise, the baby has no choice over its nourishment. The baby has no choice over where it can go or what it can do. It does what the parent says it will do. The baby is totally dependent on the parent.

During the 1970's, right after Roe v Wade, I aborted a child. This was before I became a born again Christian in 1983. For almost 20 years I lived in agony. Was it a boy, or was it a girl? Did the abortion hurt the baby, cause it great pain?

Thank God I didn't abort my other children. I made a decision for six children who are alive, and tragically I made the decision against one. At the time, I was not aware of what I was doing. There were no sonograms back then. If I had seen one, I don't think I could have done it. Now, today, it is only through the salvation of Jesus Christ that I realize I am forgiven for the act against that baby’s life, and I will see my child again in heaven.

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Glimpses of God in the Unborn.

This story is about musician John Bonaduce. He suffered from regret and guilt for many years after paying for a friend's abortion.

Bonaduce's composition, the Stantigarh Requiem for the Unborn, will be performed in Los Angeles at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on January 23 at 7:30 p.m.

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Abortion and its aftermath: 5-night series on FamilyNet.

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--A five-part special on the FamilyNet television network will tackle the tough issue of abortion from the perspective of those who have experienced it. The series, titled "Hope Restored," will air Jan. 19-23 at 9 p.m. Eastern on FamilyNet, a subsidiary of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board.

Through the personal testimonies of men and women who have experienced pregnancy termination, the series will reveal the various issues they encountered -- and how they experienced true recovery from the loss.

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On Friday, I noted that a newspaper in Wisconsin had printed an editorial criticizing the organizers of a Silent No More event in Wisconsin for asking for anonymity.

I've been sent a few emails about that. It appears that the majority of the women attending that event were available to be identified and photographed, contrary to the assertion of the paper. Here's a copy of a letter to the editor written by one of the women who attended.

Dear Editor:

On January 15 a group of women gathered in the North Hearing Room of the
State Capitol to share their personal stories of abortion. 8 or 9 women
spoke publicly giving their names and permission for photos. I was one
of these women. 4 additional women asked for
anonymity. Other women who were also post-abortive came to support us.

I came forward to say that I regret my abortion. I shared my story so
that other women who have been hurt by abortion will know that help is
available from abortion recovery programs. Women do not have to suffer
alone like I did. Help is available. I attended a Rachel's Vineyard
weekend and went through the Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study. Both of
these programs have helped me through the healing process.

Why did the State Journal so viciously attack us in an editorial when
they didn't even have the guts to show up and listen to our stories? We
were attacked for wishing to be anonymous. I don't see the author of
the editorial signing his/her name. I have read numerous stories over
the years in the press where people wish to remain anonymous and that is understood and respected.

Would we have been treated differently, if we had said, "Oh, we loved
our abortions, it was a good time, and nothing bad happened." Last
year, three post-abortive women wrote an op-ed piece for the State
Journal and we signed our names. It was never printed.

Georgette Forney, the co-founder of Silent No More had an abortion and she spoke to 175 students at the University of Wisconsin in Fall 2003. The State Journal never covered
the event. So, who is gagging who?

Your editorial was mean spirited and the writer did not even try to find
out where we were coming from. We deserve to be treated with dignity
and respect. We deserve an apology.

If the intent of your editorial was meant to bully us into silence, some
people will be silenced by your actions.

But I will be silent no more.

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This coming Wednesday, January 21, Jennifer O'Neill will be a guest on the The O'Reilly Factor as a spokeswoman for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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