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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Dezzy's Life Updates.

It's New Year's Eve

Apart from the people who has been affected by the tidal waves caused by the earthquake, i was extremely sad to hear my friend had took his girlfriend for an abortion after getting her pregnant. The following day his girlfriend came over to my place in a teksi crying. She said that she did not want to abort the baby but ther boyfriend was adamant that he is not going to be a father. He did not take my advice either. After a maor operation like this physically and emotionally is very stressful for a young girl like that. Instead he did not even get her anything to eat and ask her to make her own Maggie Mee. To me is like what a bastard, no doubt he is my friend. But he is a pure perverted asshole who knows nothing about protection or responsibilities. His indonesian maid burst the bubble and told his girlfriend that he use to sleep with the ex-maid which eventually ran away. May God Have Mercy On His Un Emotional Soul!

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