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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'd be more of a sceptic about those who recover repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse if it weren't for my experiences in post-abortion support. 15-25% of the women I work with have some degree of traumatic amnesia surrounding their abortions, and these are events that occurred as adults (or older teenagers). These are women who know they had an abortion, but who have no memory of the day at the clinic. Also, in some cases, women who have had multiple abortions are very troubled by not being able to remember how many abortions they had, or the circumstances or details of several or all of the abortions.

Thanks for the repressed memories, up at Slate, is about the debate over repressed memory and traumatic amnesia as it is playing out in the trial over priest-abuser Paul Shanley. It's a good article for those in post-abortion ministry to read. Among other virtues, it reminds us of how very contentious a scientific debate about emotionally-loaded subjects can be.

Link courtesy of Amy Welborn, who is more productive than 99% of bloggers even with a new baby.

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