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Thursday, January 27, 2005

More blogger reaction to the Silent No More campaign

See here for an earlier round-up.

Davique, a young journalist in Chicago, is infuriated by the sight of women holding signs that read "I regret my abortion":

What really burned me up yesterday were the numerous signs some of the more prominant demonstrators were holding which read, "I regret my abortion." The complete irrelevance of these signs really brought to light, for me, how much these pro-lifers don't understand what this is all about...You regret your abortion? Then you shouldn't have had it. What do you want the state to do about it? Did the state force you to have an abortion? How is it the state's fault that you had one?

And a young world-traveller here also feels agitated and condemnatory:


"I Regret My Abortion"
"My Abortion Hurt Me"


i don't care if you regret what you did. i don't care if you felt "hurt" by it. to me, that doesn't matter. WHAT the fact that you had a choice. AND YOU MADE THAT CHOICE. if you're not happy with what you did -- fine, okay. but that doesn't give you the right to take away -- to basically usurp me of my right to my choices. do you realize how silly you look with those signs, trying to look like you know what you're doing, while admitting to committing the very "sin" you speak out against? to me you look like a fool, a hypocrite; and you know you look this way because i can see it in your face
you're just another warm body for the Right
(yeah, good luck with that)
you wanna speak out against something? speak out against UNWANTED PREGNANCY. Remember? Surely you must. remember what it was like to have an unwanted pregnancy? remember how it got to that point? remember what you did, and didn't know at the time? if you don't, which i don't believe for a fucking second, then THINK

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