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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A round-up of blog reactions
to the "I Regret My Abortion" presence at the March for Life

Five Quick New Rules says:

So-called "pro-lifer" chicks who march DC with signs reading "I regret my abortion" have to stop bitching and let people make their own mistakes. Stop blaming Roe vs. Wade for your decision. How did you think you were going to feel about having your fetus sucked out brain first?
WriteWingBlog noticed Dr. Alveda King:

One person in particular stood out to me in all of the news coverage. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. took part in a "I Regret My Abortion" rally and had this to say about abortion: "How can the Dream survive if we murder the children?"
This young woman objects and is upset:

Women were carrying signs that said "I REGRET MY ABORTION" and so on.
I honestly cannot say whether or not I am morally opposed to abortion because obviously I have never been faced with that type of situation. If those women regret it, fine, but don't get those white men in Washington to take away a woman's right to choose what she wants to do with her own body! Abortion should not be a political weapon. It should be a private matter between a woman and her doctor, not the government and religious fanatics.
A high school student's long diary entry about the March includes as a highlight:

the women who carried signs reading "I regret my abortion", they truly should be an inspiration to us all, it was just one of those things where your jaw drops when you see it, i was awe struck i guess
Balgar-the-not-nice-liberal waxes wroth:

Today I saw a clip of some wackjobs demonstrating at the March For Controlling Your Life. There were a bunch of women wearing placards that said "I Regret My Abortion." The first thing that came to my mind was, "Well, you're a dumbass!"
Yeah Right Whatever observes in the courage of their convictions:

What stood out to me was the number of women who carried signs saying "I regret my abortion." The amount of courage... I was floored by what I saw.

You see, I know women who have had abortions, friends I grew up with. I have seen the pain, the grief, the shame that accompanies this "legal procedure." Very few people are privy to this small piece of their lives- it's not something they want people to know about.

These women I know are not weak. Far from it...No matter how much they regret the decision they made, I don't think that either of them would have the courage to stand on a stage and confess that particular sin to the world...I am so grateful for women like the ones I saw on tv. Maybe, a young woman who is thinking about having an abortion will see one of these women expressing their regrets, and she just might think twice and ask more questions. That will have to be enough for now.
Enjanerd has a different reaction (and a good picture):

The thing that gets me is the picture of the two women holding up signs saying, "I Regret My Abortion." You know what? It's your right to regret your decision. [Thanks!--Ed.] You decided on your own to have an abortion. It was your right to take your freedom in your own hands and decide what to do with your body. The current ruling allowed you to do that. And now, because you regret your own actions, you want to take that right away from others? Who are you to decide? Who are you to say that someone else would also regret theirs? Would you rather people walk around holding signs saying, "I regret my child." "I waited until after I gave birth to kill my child." "I killed myself instead of having an abortion." Oh wait... you can't really walk around with that sign. It's like the people suing fast food places for making food that tastes good. You made that decision to eat that second Whopper. That doesn't mean junk food should be illegal for the rest of us.
And Sara is also wroth:

The issue they are going to speak about is "I Regret My Abortion." Get ready! Who the hell doesn't regret their abortion? I had one, and for whatever reason I or anyone else gets an abortion, who wouldn't regret it? Anti-choice rhetoric aside, what kind of bastard dare insinuate that any of us who were in that position don't have regrets.
Brainpost in Wisconsin writes about a local Silent No More event:

These stories of women living with the regret of abortion is until recently, only privately heard. The second annual Silent No More tells the story of eight women who have couragously come public with their burden of dealing with the after effects of an abortion. I applaud their courage.
He includes a link to this story about Silent No More in the Madison Catholic Herald.

These are just excerpts--if you have time, try to click through and read entire posts for additional comments and context.

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