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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Scroll down for other reports about the Silent No More Awareness presence at Monday's March for Life in D.C.

--I spent an hour or two over the weekend at the Silent No More booth in the exhibit hall at the Hyatt. There was a stack of sheets of small stickers (one inch by one-half inch), each sticker reading "Women DO regret abortions". Each sheet had about 40 stickers. I affixed one to my sweater and handed them out to passersby and browsers, asking them to wear it "in solidarity with women who regret their abortions". Nearly everyone was happy to do this, especially men, who often said things like, "I'd be honored to wear it."

--One of very few exceptions to this was a middle-aged woman who had approached the booth. When I extended the sticker to her, she recoiled and turned white, and said "NO, I could NEVER wear that." She looked like she might pass out. She then said that she worked as a volunteer counselor at a crisis pregnancy center and fumblingly asked me if there were any good videos they could show at their center to women who've had an abortion "but who can't go to one of those healing programs". Naturally, I drew my own conclusions.

--I also passed out the stickers during the long, cold hour we spent on Nellie Gray's stage before the March started on Monday. I passed them out to Kansas congressman Jim Ryun, who slapped it on his label and said "I'm honored", and to his charming wife and daughter, who works at the White House. Jim Ryun held the world record in the mile in the late 60s. We had a nice chat. Congresswoman Melissa Hart from Pennsylvania was happy to wear one of the stickers. In person, she is young and vibrant. As a result, I didn't realize she was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives until we had traded several remarks about the undue length of the speeches her colleagues were making.

--Bobby Jindal is extremely charismatic. He's only 29. I told him "I'm a groupie" and from the way he laughed, I don't think it's the first time he's heard that.

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