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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Thirty and sixty-second televisions ads, produced by Virtue Media about the emotional devastation of abortion have started to run in Arizona and Wisconsin.

These spots will spread to wider national stations later in the month. The ads (you can watch them yourself at the above link) are basically a collage of women speaking about their feelings.

Before They Close Ranks is one blogger's impassioned and lengthy negative response to seeing one of these ads. As she says, the ad upset her to her core.

After she shares her abortion non-regrets, she says:

"I also know that no one else's vote or imagined consequences as a result of our [she and her boyfriend at that time.--Ed.] abortion count."

When she writes "imagined consequences", does she mean to say that when women are under the impression that they deeply regret their abortion, or suffered negative emotional or psychiatric consequences after the abortion, they are imagining this? I gather so.

Is it wise or charitable to suppose that the women featured in the ad, or the many other women who participate in groups like Silent No More are unable to speak competently about their inner emotional experience?

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