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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A welcome-- and also a gentle reminder, to all newcomers to our blog, to please read our comment guidelines and "who we are" at right, before commenting. Thanks very much, folks. Our readers appreciate it and we do too.

Here's hoping all those in the upper northeast quadrant of the country are safe and warm and dry as this night howls on to its conclusion up here. I'm still up all night fighting the flu etc. nastiness and listening to the wind howl and two feet of snow clog up my driveway and the entire state.

Emily is hopefully already safely in Washington, D.C. and sitting out the storm in a hotel somewhere. And we pray that all those heading there, already there, or doing similar events elsewhere are also blanketed (in addition to the snow) by safety, grace, our prayers, and well wishes. God speed, ladies and gents.

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