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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Abortion recovery and pregnancy help centers in Connecticut and nearby New York State

CONNECTICUT (and nearby New York State counties):
  • Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Centers: 1-800-203-HOPE. Danbury: 1-203-207-HOPE; Email:
    Stratford/Bridgeport: 1-203-383-4385. New Milford: 1-860-350-HOPE. Shelton: 1-203-925-WAIT. Hopeline P.R.C., P.O. Box 2981, Danbury, CT 06813-2981
  • BirthRight Pregnancy Hotline: 1-800-550-4900. Give your town and nearest major city, to locate the office nearest you, or locate online. 12 locations in Connecticut.
  • Malta House of Good Counsel: Pregnancy Assistance and Residence: 1-800-723-8331 and 1-203-857-0088.
  • St. Gerard's Center for Life, Hartford: 1-860-670-1712. Call Debra Camerota.
  • Hope For Life, Cheshire: 1-203-271-2703 or Email
  • Caring Families Pregnancy Service, Danielson: 1-860-779-0218, Email
  • First Way Life Center, Enfield, 1-860-763-2044 or Email
  • CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center, Groton: 1-860-448-2990, 1-800-395-HELP. Local email:
    National email: . 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Carolyn's Place, Waterbury: 1-203-597-9050.
  • St. Agnes Home, West Hartford: 1-203-521-7516.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center, Unionville: 1-860-673-7397.
  • A Better Choice Women's Center, Middletown: 1-860-344-9292.
  • Catholic Family Services: Ansonia, 1-203-735-7481. Bristol, 1-203-589-8622. Milford, 1-203-874-6270. Shelton, 1-203-736-9604. Darien, 1-203-655-2169. New London, 1-860-889-8346. Norwich, 1-860-889-8346.
  • Catholic Charities: 1-800-CARE-002, Ridgefield, 1-203-431-8170. South Norwalk, 1-203-854-1890. 24-hour national service. Social services for anyone (you don’t need to be Catholic) include: adoption, family support, help for at-risk children, housing assistance, job training, respite care, home care, parenting education, pregnancy counseling, prison ministry, refugee and immigration assistance, and treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Little Miracles, Madison: 1-203-245-4829, 1-203-245-4090 or 1-203-245-7301. Call Lily.
    A crisis pregnancy outreach for New Haven and the shoreline areas.
  • Mary and Joseph’s Place, North Haven.
  • Interim House, Windsor: 1-860-687-1798.
  • Helping Hands Outreach (for Hurting Hearts), Milford: 1-203-878-8857, Jackie.
  • Lumina: 1-877-LUMINA1. (TriState NY/CT/NJ); also 1-914-381-2207 PO Box 242, Harrison, NY 10528; Email: .

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