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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Are they any women among our readers who have changed their minds from abortion to giving life to their baby because of a WOMEN's RIGHT-TO-KNOW LAW? Here's some background on such laws which Emily posted on multiple times.

Women from all around the U.S. have been invited to testify before the Georgia State Legislature, which has been trying to pass a women's right-to-know law for over 12 years. Travel expenses for the woman and her child will be paid.

If your state has a right-to-know law (Texas, Minnesota, for two), please consider mentioning this to women who might consider testifying. You can write me and I'll forward the email on to the appropriate Georgia folks.

Emily thoughtfully laid out the beginnings of a good reason for us to consider--then start--speaking up more and more, like this, here.

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