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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

A batch of new stories have been posted at the I'm Not Sorry website. I randomly read a few and I give the site's owner credit for not editing the stories or posting stories which will make people feel warm and fuzzy about the site's celebration of choice.

For instance, in Rhonda's Story, Rhonda says:

I've had irregular cycles as long as I can remember so my 4 abortions were done between 5 and 6 months. They are part of life and even though they weren't painless each one gave me the satisfaction that I'd done the right thing...Late abortion is not fun but is definitely needed for people like me.

Some pro-choice advocates agree that it would be better if abortion rates were low, and believe that the way to get there is through information and access to contraception. Many abortion clinics provide good contraceptive counseling when you're there for an abortion.

Rhonda's story, and Harriet's Story and Claire's Story are three of the four narratives I read at I'm Not Sorry this morning.

These stories suggest that good contraceptive education is less than the full answer to making abortion rare.

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