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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dana Vale is a liberal, pro-choice, member of the Australian parliament. She has called for an inquiry into abortion, focusing on post-abortion depression.

Ms Vale was quoted in The Australian newspaper as expressing concern that abortion providers were not honouring a duty of care by failing to offer independent counsellors.

"I am very much aware that there are women who have had an abortion and have not had proper counselling," Ms Vale told the newspaper.

"The health and wellbeing of the woman does not seem to be a consideration. That's a tragedy.

"They are then left with a lot of guilt because they weren't told what could happen."

The paper quoted Ms Vale as saying it was "premature" to reveal the terms of reference for an abortion inquiry, but the terms were understood to include more counselling and cooling off periods for women considering termination.

"In a way it's a matter of a duty of care to those women. I do believe in a woman's right to choice," she said.

"But some of the evidence that's coming to me is that there is post-abortion depression and that's a real concern.

"They didn't realise and they weren't properly informed, and the counsellors were actually employed by the abortion provider. It's a conflict of interest."
Yes, it is. And Ms. Vale is correct that the normal duty of care to patients seeking medical help doesn't appear to be met by abortion clinic workers who do pre-abortion counseling.

Naaman comments here.

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