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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

From The Corner, abortion jewelry in the form of aborted fetuses for, oddly, the happy post-abortive mother. Hm. I've written before on the question of whether guilt after abortion is caused by societal attitudes or by that still, small interior voice. I'll look that piece up later, and I've been wanting to write more about this in general. But...geez, if you wanted to make jewelry to celebrate abortion, would you make the jewelry in the shape of aborted fetuses?


Well, I was late to this party:

Dangerous Dan has photos.

Can you tell what Save the GOP thinks? His post is called From the folks who invited Hitler into their country.

Intolerant Elle pretty much nails it.

Michelle Malkin googled the jewelry maker, with interesting results.

Happily pro-abortion Libertarian Girl thinks that it is the fault of fundamentalist Christians when women experience remorse or guilt after an abortion. But she doesn't know how to order jewelry internationally.

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