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Monday, February 14, 2005

In Bringing New Life Into Pro-Choice, which is about the Salon article in the post following this one, Jill at Third Wave Agenda has an interesting concern:

I take serious issue with any assumption that women all feel a particular way, particularly when the assumption is framed in such a way that it brands women who don't feel that way as immoral or heartless. Many women are happy after their abortions. The most commonly-reported feeling is "relief." Many are enlivened and empowered. And yes, for many the choice is tragic or sad. But it's unfair and simplistic to say that one reaction is the morally correct one, while making others either invisible or demonized.
Note that she is responding here, not to pro-life woman who regret their abortions, but to Hillary Clinton (although she might well respond the same way to specific women who speak of their abortion regrets).

Is this another issue like working moms versus stay-at-home moms? Moms who send their kids to school versus moms who homeschool? In both of those cases, working moms and moms who send their kids to school sometimes react to the different emotions and choices of other women in a defensive way, as if they are being judged.

Isn't there a certain amount of truth to what Jill says? Isn't it the case that some women who regret their abortion think that they are therefore morally superior to women who have had an abortion who don't regret it? Aren't there many people in the pro-life movement who think that women who regret their abortions are morally superior to those who don't?

I'm not quite sure what I want to say about this. I'd appreciate any thoughtful comments.

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