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Monday, February 7, 2005

In a terrifically compelling post, new blogger Naaman the ex-leper writes about his experiences as an abortion clinic escort.

During the 1980s, when I was a teenager, the Commonwealth Women's Center was regularly targeted by pro-life protests...The NOW chapters in Northern Virginia organized ourselves into something we called "clinic defense duty". I'm sure that we weren't the only NOW chapters to do so...We had gone from simply providing another viewpoint to trying to shut out the opposition completely. Why? If the women who come to the clinic are mature enough to choose an abortion, surely they should be mature enough to not be bothered by some pro-life protesters? Our rationalization was simple: these women were in enough distress with the difficult choice that they've made, so we were going to "protect" them from the pro-life fanatics.

That protection reached a personal level with what we called "escort duty". Here, the idea was to have a number of sympathetic persons "escort" the prospective patient from her car, across the parking lot, and into the clinic. Ideally, every escort detail was supposed to include a man or two...As a teenage boy, I was close enough to count as a man. I enthusiastically volunteered for "escort duty". More than anything else I did as a pro-abortion activist, that "escort duty" still haunts me. Most of the women I escorted were deeply upset. At the time, I assumed that the pro-life protesters were the main cause of their distress, but now I know differently. In any case, I had direct, personal contact with troubled women who were carrying the light of new life within their wombs. Instead of offering them help or hope, I lured them into the mouth of a ravenous beast that devoured their children and spit the walking-wounded women back onto the street. Abortion is the ultimate act of abuse against women and their unborn children. "Enlightened" men like me perverted our God-given talents for strength and protection to assist the abusers.
That's just an excerpt. Read the whole thing.

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