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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

More enthusiastic fan support for the women of Silent No More, from this forum:

I happened to walk into the living room when that shit was on. You know what those fucking "women" (in my book, they have no right to call themselves that) look like to me? Dead. They look fucking dead. Standing there with their "My abortion hurt me" and "I regret my abortion" signs, eyes glazed over, cheering their glorious leader....They look absolutely dead, inside and out. You know what? I've never met a single woman who didn't have some kind of regret or misgivings for having an abortion, but, that doesn't mean it wasn't the right choice.... What, now, they all gotta line up with a placard to proclaim their sin and beg forgiveness for being fucking human? My guess is half (at least) of those women have never even gotten laid, much less pregnant. Sick, I tell ya', it's just absolutely sick. That fucking WOMEN would stand up and take sides against their own with mysoginistic, psychotic fucking war pigs like Smirky. ["Smirky"=George Bush.--Ed. note.] They really ought to be ashamed of themselves, but not for having had a medical procedure.
We live in interesting times, where having abortion regrets and misgivings is normalized as part of what women are supposed to live with, having gone along with prevailing sentiment in their platoon of friends and family and done their duty.

Meanwhile, this blogger, who has perhaps been surfing in the above-mentioned forum, remembers back when liberals weren't driven by emotion:

For 28 or so of those 32 years, it was traditionally conservatives that were the emotional bunch and the liberals that were the rational status quo types. After all, liberals had the advantage thanks to an activist Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade. Never mind that Ms. Roe, better known as Norma McCorvey, is now a pro-life activist. In fact, many pro-lifers at the rally were women wearing shirts reading "I Regret My Abortion." Now, as in so many other political areas, the situation has re-aligned, and the liberals have become the hysterics.

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