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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

One of the coordinators of the Silent No More Awareness gathering held last Saturday in Seattle, Washington has written up a description of their event:

Last Saturday's gathering was a great success thanks to God and the many prayers of people like you. The voices of women who know first hand the tragedy of abortion were heard all across downtown Seattle -- the epicenter of the abortion culture in this state. In fact, when the NARAL folks started chanting we spoke the truth even louder and stronger, and in the end they just couldn't match our message.

Here's a recap of some of the day's events:

At 9:30 a.m., I was interviewed by KOMO 1000 am (the local ABC affiliate) on Saturday before the event. They also sent a reporter down to our event and taped two of our speakers and conducted post-event interviews. They then produced between three and five video clips that they played every half hour until 10:30 pm. They also played these clips again the next day (Sunday, January 30).

On these clips were some of Kim's and Lee Anne's testimonies and one clip had an interview with Lee Anne. They also interviewed a woman from Poulsbo who was in the audience. She mentioned the courage and spirit that each of the women had to get up and share her story. She was very impressed. They interviewed someone from NARAL and all she could say was that this was a "publicity stunt" and that if we were interested in reducing the number of abortions we would help improve access to birth control. Overall the coverage was very, very favorable toward us.

The "protesters" (not really sure what they were protesting) couldn't sustain any kind of chant, slogan or enthusiasm. They had a bull horn but it never drowned us out and they stopped using it after awhile. They ended up hearing all our testimony.

Most importantly I think everyone who spoke found another level of healing through sharing their story publicly.

We will continue to be silent no more until abortion is unthinkable.

Reprinted with permission (and minor editing).

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