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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Remember the unborn Down Syndrome baby we were trying to help get adopted last September because the mom didn't think she wanted to keep her?

Got a message from Geri yesterday: Mom and baby are happy, doing fine and together!
I've met with baby Kristy, and she is wonderful! She was born on January 5, and is cute as a button.

She has no heart problems and no hearing problems. Mom is madly in love with her daugher, and grandma and aunt and uncles also adore her. Mom is so very glad that others showed the worth of her baby before she could even begin to love her.

I thank you so very much for your outpouring of love for this family. God continue to bless you and yours.

Because I've received over 600 e-mails originally, pls do not respond to this e-mail. We have other clients to take of, and I'd be swamped once again. Please do know that I truly appreciated all of your concerns and your prayers for this mom and her baby.

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