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Thursday, March 3, 2005

In January, a Catholic church in Colorado interred the cremated remains of babies aborted at the Boulder Abortion Clinic. Nation writer Sharon Lerner in Shameless in Colorado describes the strong feelings of outrage expressed by some women who learned that their babies had been exposed to this nightmarish fate:

One of them, a 24-year-old construction manager named Jennifer Rogers, has been fantasizing about revenge. When Rogers learned that the Catholic church had gotten hold of the remains from her abortion, "My original response was wanting to take a bat and smash every window in the church," she says.
Another woman, whose baby experienced a second-trimester abortion when the mother realized that she had married an abuser, said:

"It was just a whole devastating thing that you can't talk to anybody about," she now says of her abortion. She fell sick, spending days in bed, when she first heard that her fetus had been part of the church's ceremony.
Some pro-choice advocates believe that women are readily able to recover from any emotional fallout after an abortion. Perhaps it is the case that women can recover readily from an abortion, but are less able to recover from the shock of learning that a church has said prayers over the cremated remains of the babies they terminated.

Lean Left and Third Wave Agenda are equally shocked and stunned at the horror of it all.

The blogger at Welcome to Gilead plaintively asks:

How else could these people be so cruel as to dispose of their fetuses without their permission or even their knowledge?
In case there's any confusion, she's referring not to the act of abortion but to the act of saying a prayer over the cremated remains of aborted babies.

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