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Friday, March 18, 2005

This week's edition (March 20-26) of the National Catholic Register has a nice profile (not online) about Deacon Stephen Imbarrato, currently of New Jersey and Connecticut. Deacon Imbarrato will be ordained in May, at age 53, as a priest in the Diocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Stephen Imbarrato stands out in several ways. He is a father, having adopted a nine-year-old from Colombia. That boy is now 26 and married, with four children.

Imbarrato also fathered a child who was aborted. The article says:

While living a secular lifestyle 30 years ago, he got his girlfriend pregnant and consented to her abortion.
Deacon Imbarrato has worked actively with Seminarians for Life and Priests for Life. He founded the St. Gerard Life Center in June 2004 across the street from a busy abortion clinic in Hartford, Connecticut in order to provide life-saving alternatives to women in crisis pregnancies. Also,

Deacon Imbarrato is active in post-abortion healing programs for women and men, drawing on his own experience. "I realize that a man has two healing processes," he says. "One is healing from his lost fatherhood. The other is healing from having abandoned and victimized his girlfriend when she was in need."
I know of other priests who are post-abortive, but I'm not sure I know of any who are public about this. When Deacon Imbarrato becomes a priest, a number of his parishioners will be post-abortive and suffering. I imagine it will be very helpful to them to know that their priest can relate to them in a very direct way.

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